How can we help you?

We help companies to be more profitable and productive by using what they already have.

Budgets are tight. You want to increase productivity and quality to be more profitable and more competitive.
The key lies in your current managers. CanBeeDone specialises in helping those managers to unlock the capacity in themselves and the rest of the workforce. You are already paying out the salaries, now make it work for you!

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to marry human needs with business needs. This is the best way to create productive, effective businesses with happy, engaged, fulfilled people working in them! Or to use the jargon, to create a “high performance culture”.

Working within the structure of the Leader-Management Framework we give value to all aspects of leadership & management.
We don’t argue about whether we need leaders or managers. We develop leader-managers!
We don’t argue about soft skills versus hard skills. We know it takes both!
We bring real world help, not conceptual theory.

We agree with the business person who commented, “People, process, relationships and results, need to form the foundation of running any organisation, probably in the same order.”
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It is often stated, “people are your most expensive asset!” If that is the case in your company, let us help you to use that expensive asset to make a much greater profit.

CanBeeDone grows people and grows businesses.

We would love to discuss your needs and to tailor a solution for you. Contact us today. insert hyperlink to contact page
What will we do?

We meet with you to understand the company or department’s current position and where you want it to be.
We evaluate the existing managers to determine where gains can be made – where good managers can further hone and balance their skills to become great managers.
We then put together a programme to match the specific needs.

This may require the initial learning of some new skills.
It will always require focussed activities to ensure that skills are effectively implemented. This is a major departure from traditional training methods.

You may have heard that the retention rate from training is about 20%. This is because people forget what they have learned, and what they don’t forget they struggle to put into practise. Sometimes they try but it doesn’t work quite as they expected in their particular environment.
In our approach managers participate in practical workshops or powerful dialogues, as individuals or in groups, over a period of time. This allows them to learn and most importantly, to implement what they learn. Once they begin implementing new ideas – large or small – they get to fine tune them, with guidance on hand, until they see results.
Best practise moves from the head to the heart and knowledge is internalised so that new, productive behaviours become second nature.

“Only 7% of employees will go the extra mile” was the heading of an article in the FAnews.
The article went on to state that a survey conducted in SA showed that 78% of employees are under-productive primarily because managers at all levels do not know how to inspire people and reward those who go the extra mile.
Improving these statistics is surprisingly easy. If your employees are not part of the 7% that do go the extra mile we would be happy to work with you and your managers, to help you to move them into that elite minority.

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Alan Whitaker, CEO of the London based Future Winners International says “there is so much evidence that companies, in which managers invest time in leading their people, vastly outperform their competitors.”