Professional Development

After the managers have worked with CanBeeDone their confidence increases, especially about managing their own people.

Obadiah Khwinana, HR Chief Director, National Treasury

Alison has a real compassion for those who find it difficult to come out of their shell and reach their full potential. Alison allows others to freely express their views, then hones in on pertinent issues and makes sense of sometimes complex issues.

Her Leadership Development skills allow for “out-of-the box” thinking and for long lasting results. I would gladly recommend Alison to any company wanting to bring about an effective and productive team.

Colleen Larsen, CEO, Women in Finance (WIF) now Business Engage

A selection of comments from clients after development tutoring (coaching) sessions:

The sessions provided perspective of the management issues I confronted and practical tools to deal with them that were customised for my personality and the nature of the unit I manage.

MM, Executive Manager

It has caused me to reflect on my emotions, patterns of behaviour and thought processes, which I would not have done without the coaching.

– It has given me insight into why others behave the way they do. – I have developed skills for coping with situations which previously might have sent me into a tail spin.

RM, Newly appointed Junior Manager

I’ve learned to communicate smartly and not only with the other managers, but with my team as well. Instead of ordering people around, I ask. I use words such as “would you mind”, ‘can you please” and that is contributing to the positive vibe that is within my team currently. Whatever I ask them to do, they do it 101% with all the sacrifices. This has also assisted me to deal positively with situations that otherwise might have resulted in conflicts.

MS, Regional HR Manager

I have seen improvement in all three of my managers who attended the course with me. M takes criticism better now, is more relaxed and is managing difficult subordinates in a much better manner. I can see that N is managing her choleric side better and P has opened up. She better understands the strengths and weaknesses of her colleagues now. All in all it has helped the cohesiveness of the management team.

FV, Middle Manager, government security department

The facilitator bombed out on me. But thanks to your coaching and my concomitant growth, my colleague was amazed at how I managed the situation.

EM, Executive

I am more aware of who I am/ what I do/ how I do it and aware of the same in others that I work with/deal with and have been able to get the desired results in them by being conscious of who they are. My communication is also more aware in that I not only start off by ensuring what I want to achieve but I also consider the possible impact on the relationship that I am dealing with.

NS, Junior Manager, government department

I like your approach. It has made it clearer to me and helped me sort some things out in my mind.

CR, Manager, large retailer

I did think to thank you a month ago for putting me in contact with Alison. My wife is (almost) a different person since visiting her. Alison made some very positive suggestions for my wife and has had a very tangible impact on our lives…

JL, husband to ML, Financial Director, financial services company

I just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday.  I feel even lighter today than I did yesterday after having left you.

You have helped me make a lot more sense of where I am at  currently and solid food for thought in terms of moving forward.

I will most definitely do the research you have suggested and will be in touch should I require more contacts or advice.

I would very much like to have additional sessions with you.

DH, small business owner

You provide exceptional value in the way you make things simple, uncomplicated, structured (a very important one for me), logical, practical and easy to see the “next steps” and be clear about what to do. A huge thank you, again!

Liesel Teversham, author and speaker