Are you selfish? (July 2014)



So we are past the winter or summer solstice. I always find this strange as one tends to think of it as the middle of the season, but although the lengthening of night or day does change over, the winter or summer is usually just getting started.

However this year, here in Joburg, nature seems to be thinking of skipping the rest of winter. We already have very busy, chirruping weavers building nests and our jasmine is flowering.


Whichever hemisphere we are in we have just passed the halfway mark of the (Gregorian) calendar.

Perhaps a time to look back and evaluate what has worked for you in the first half and what maybe wasn’t so successful? And then to make some decisions for how to make the second half as worthwhile and enjoyable as possible?

Are you selfish?

“In the case of decompression oxygen masks will drop from the panel above you. Give the mask a tug and place it over your nose and mouth breathing normally. Place the mask on your own face first and then assist children or anyone experiencing difficulties.”

Anyone who has flown on an aircraft has heard this instruction. Why do they recommend you get your own mask in place first? If we are without oxygen for longer than four minutes we could experience brain damage and death but long before that we would begin losing consciousness and can’t help ourselves or others. If we put our mask on quickly we can help a lot of people within that four minute window.


Taking care of your self is not selfish unless you do it with no awareness or concern for others.


When we care for ourselves we have the health and energy to live our lives both at work and home. Whether things are running smoothly or there are tons of challenges, we can manage so much better if we are feeling well – physically, mentally and emotionally.


It is important to care for ourselves whether we are the boss or the worker, whether we live alone or have a family to take care of.

What we need to do to take care of ourselves can be so many different things depending on ourselves and the circumstances.

We need to make energy, take time off to recover quickly when we are ill, get realistic about what can be fitted in, take the pressure off ourselves with smart planning and prioritising, and set boundaries.


To hear more about Self-care in all aspects of your life you can listen in to the teleseminar that my good friend Liesel Teversham has convened.

She has 12 experts from around the world speaking on their own areas of expertise, for three weeks. My slot, on Self-care for Leader-Managers, is on Monday 7th July. If you miss the live broadcast you can still access the recordings for four days. Get your FREE access pass and more info here.



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Quote of the Day

“How you treat yourself is how you are inviting the world to treat you.” ~ author unknown

My Little Black Book

I recently met with Cynthia Schoeman, MD of Ethics Monitoring & Management Services. Workplace ethics are so important in all size businesses. I am pleased to see that more companies are beginning to pay attention. If you want to raise its profile in your business Cynthia offers a comprehensive range of ethics services: to assess and report on ethics, to implement an Ethics Management System and to train executives and staff. Also look out for her 2nd ethics book, Ethics Can, which will be published at the beginning of August 2014.

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