Leader-Management Development

Delegates love our practical and interactive workshops – honing their skills in the areas of  leadership and communication, human behaviour and performance. They enjoy the experience, and, they feel confident to begin implementing new behaviours immediately.

We take good leader-managers and turn them into exceptional leader-managers.

Imagine walking into any department in your company, hearing a soft hum of activity, everyone confident in their role, performing quality work with a common purpose – just like honey bees.

Your company can be just like this – if your managers hone their skills in all four quadrants of the Leader-Management Framework.


We enable management excellence
So employees can give peak performances
So your bottom line improves

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James Blair Stevenson, Chief Executive of Brava Limited, said “when the right tools and processes are actioned, I’ve seen increases in targeted productivity measures of between 17% and 412%, resulting in dramatic improvements in metrics such as sales conversion, service delivery, productivity, debt recovery, employee engagement, staff retention and unplanned leave.”

Working within the structure of the Leader-Management Framework we give value to all aspects of leadership & management. Whereas some stress organisational indicators such as profit, or the softer issues such as employee engagement, we value both.

We agree with the business person who commented, “People, process, relationships and results, need to form the foundation of running any organisation, probably in the same order.”

Everything is conceived, designed or implemented by people. Every business needs their people to perform at their peak. Your employees have much more to give to the company than they currently do. The means to unlocking that value is great leader-managers.

At CanBeeDone we increase the productivity and effectiveness of employees by strengthening the skills of their managers. We enable them to be strong in all four components of the framework and to have the flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances.

At times a manager needs to be more of a manager and at others more of a leader. He or she sometimes needs to be task focused and at other times relationship focused. Communicating and connecting with people is vital but it doesn’t achieve results if there are no systems in place and if the culture is to stop working when the boss is out the office.

We don’t use fancy words or long winded theories. We help you to get your people to give of their best.

We find out where there is room for improvement and we work with the managers to add the missing tools to their skills toolboxes.

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“So many employers throw money at their people, thinking that it will buy their hearts and loyalty. Then they get angry when these people jump ship just when they’ve completed training that cost the company a bomb. That’s because their employers don’t realise that they paid for hands and heads, and never did anything to win hearts.
You actually can’t buy a person’s heart. You can’t pay someone to love you. Hearts (loyalty and commitment) are won by other means – and it takes time, effort, sacrifice and skill. They are won by earning trust and respect and by acting with integrity, among other things.” – Alan Hosking, Executive editor HR Future