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Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges

Are you simply too daunted by the difficulties you imagine will follow, to ‘risk’ engaging with a disabled person in or around the workplace? Have you avoided hiring people with disabilities for fear of perhaps disrupting the team dynamic? In our politically correct world, we are sometimes simply too terrified to engage with the unknown and often that includes interacting with disabled people.

Having employed a person with a disability, are you now experiencing frustrations and barriers between your team members – like oil and water, they just won’t mix? Frightened of saying or doing the wrong thing, causing offence or of treating someone differently when you shouldn’t, we often choose to not engage … and in so doing, we limit ourselves and our teams.

In order to have a truly successful team, we need to have a fundamental understanding of each other, a respect for each individual’s frame of reference and a lack of fear of engaging. But, all too often, we don’t have the hard conversations, you know the ones that make you squirm and look at your toes. Talking about the ‘hard stuff’ is essential if you want an effective and committed team, so let’s get talking!


At the end of this practical, interactive course, learners will have:

  • Extensive awareness of disability and the related issues
  • Developed mutual respect
  • Broken down barriers between team or unit members
  • Built bridges between team or unit members
  • Exposed the issues in their team and found credible solutions for them
  • Agreed to a set of new behaviours in their workplace
  • Developed more effective communication skills
  • Learnt to manage their own attitudes
  • Worked out creative ways to effectively include ALL people in their team
  • Gained an increased understanding, tolerance and appreciation of themselves and their colleagues as individuals, regardless of whether or not they have a disability
  • Learnt the skills for confronting and having the difficult conversations
  • Developed an inclusive workplace culture

Course Overview (for the 2 day course option)


How to select the appropriate programme for your team:

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Other details

Who should come?
Members of all teams that include people with disabilities or that may, at some point, do so.

How long is the course?
Option 1: Two full days, starting at 8.30am and finishing at 4pm.
As well as three reflect and review follow up sessions (of 2 hours each) with an awesome  facilitator.

Option 2: One full day, starting at 8.30am and finishing at 4pm.
As well as one reflect and review follow up session (of 2 hours) with an awesome  facilitator.

How many people can come at the same time?
Up to 20 of you and your closest friends.

Who are the facilitators?
Your two very experienced facilitators are – Julie Filmer and Alison Gitelson.

Seta Accreditation
Disability Dynamix is presented in collaboration with Avocado Vision.
Avocado Vision is an accredited training provider with the ETDP (SETA number 10463) and has a Level 1 AAA+ BEE Empowerdex Rating.


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