Professional Development

  • Would you like your employees to have a “no problem, it can be done” attitude?
  • Is your staff turnover high?
  • Are employees less productive than they could be?
  • Do your managers struggle to engender respect and loyalty?
  • Are your executives burning out?

You need a leadership and management development tutor .

A tutor helps managers develop crucial skills: skills to understand people, motivate them, develop and retain them: the skill to find and capitalise the strengths of the individuals, to make the team greater than the sum of the parts.

Alison has a vast and practical working knowledge of a multitude of business sectors from healthcare to manufacturing, insurance, human resource, equine care, wellness, hospitality, IT, and financial. She has repeatedly put together teams that outperform their competitors: teams displaying loyalty and performance beyond the norm. More importantly she is able to coach others to do the same. Alison works individually, or in small groups, with managers, to guide them to develop those same crucial skills.

teamWhy Develop Managers?

“Only 7% of employees will go the extra mile” was the heading of an article in the FAnews, April 2005.

The article went on to state that a 2005 survey conducted in SA showed that 78% of employees are under productive primarily because managers at all levels do not know how to inspire people and reward those who go the extra mile.

Alan Whitaker, CEO of the London based Future Winners International says “there is so much evidence that companies, in which managers invest time in leading their people, vastly outperform their competitors.”

Improving these statistics is surprisingly easy. If your employees are not part of the 7% that do go the extra mile Alison would be happy to work with you and your managers, to help you to move them into that elite minority.


What Does Leadership and Management Development Do?

  • increases personal insight and self awareness
  • improves communications
  • develops interpersonal understanding
  • introduces new concepts and principles
  • develops an appropriate balance between results-driven management and people-driven management
  • empowers managers to motivate & inspire their teams
  • encourages the identification and use of individuals’ strengths to develop an effective team
  • encourages effective delegation and performance management
  • affords the opportunity to work through alternative approaches to crises such as the departure of a senior manager or a colleague
  • enables the manager to earn respect, trust and loyalty
  • enables more effective choices through greater awareness of possibilities
  • accelerates the individual’s or group’s progress

All programmes are customised to the needs of the company and the individuals.


Leadership Development Tutoring, or Training Courses?

  • Both training courses and tutoring have their place.
  • Training courses are ideal for teaching large numbers of people skills quickly.
  • Tutoring releases the value of previous training interventions – converts the knowledge into action.
  • Tutoring is ideal for developing people and communication skills, and leadership.
  • Tutoring is customised to the individuals’ specific needs.
  • Sufficient time is spent on concepts to make them real and applicable to each individual’s circumstances.
  • Interaction is informal, encouraging discussion, openness and honesty.
  • New ideas and skills are moved from the head to the heart. Change is internalised.

How is Leadership Development Structured? 
Sessions are one and a half hours long.stone_sculpture
They are held once a week, with individual managers or in small groups of three to five, at the work premises.
The duration of a course is initially three to six months and then reviewed.

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What is Executive Leadership Support? 


Alison’s broad life experiences and specific expertise in management have also equipped her to guide executives.

The aim of the sessions is to bring about sustained behavioural change and to transform the quality of the executive’s working and personal life. The focus is always on the individual’s working life but sessions frequently focus on interpersonal development, personal change and transformation. In addition

Alison is able to offer knowledge, insight, perspective and wisdom.



Why Offer Support to your Executives?

There are two views on what makes a successful company. Either it is the quality of business decisions made by the executive management or it is the quality of the people employed by the company. As is often the case the true answer is a combination of both.

The company executives are key to both. Executives need to have business savvy, technical skills and the guts to make decisions. None of which will achieve success if they can’t communicate the company vision to their staff, and inspire and motivate the staff to contribute their own skills and energy to that vision.

Executives need to be good managers and they need to be leaders. They are under pressure from the top, the bottom and outside. They have to play a supreme balancing act between the needs of the business, the employees and their personal life. Executive leadership support helps develop the skills and the balance to achieve success.

How is Executive Leadership Support Structured ?

Sessions are one and a half hours long.
They are initially held once a week, with individual Executive managers, at the work premises or off site.
The duration of a course is six months and then reviewed.

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