Savvy Self Care Secrets Teleseminar Series

Savvy Self Care Secrets Teleseminar Series Speaker

Join Us to learn Savvy Self Care Secrets

I am honoured to be a speaker in the Savvy Self Care Secrets Teleseminar Series.

I will share with you about Self Care for Leader-Managers.

Being a Leader-manager is a key role in any business. Many managers find themselves running from meeting to crisis all day long feeling frustrated and exhausted. If this carries on long enough it can have a permanent effect on their health and personal life. On the 7th of July I will share with you how to:

  • increase your personal energy and be healthy
  • increase your time
  • delegate with confidence
  • stay true to yourself

From the 7th to the 24th July, 12 expert speakers will share wisdom and tips on Self Care  – Organizing your Home Environment, the Workplace, Relationships, Busy Moms, Managers, Teachers, Caregivers, Therapists, Codependents and more…

You have the opportunity to listen to all the speakers free of charge, as they speak. Or to download the recordings for a small fee so as to listen, and relisten, at your leisure.

My friend Liesel is passionate about Self-Care. She wasn’t always, though. For most of her life, she believe that Self-Care was selfish, that she had to put everyone else’s needs ahead of her own and help every single person who requested her help, while disregarding her own needs. Because she enjoys helping others, this behavior was automatic for her.

Until one day, when she was beyond exhausted, overwhelmed, resentful and in tears. There was simply too much on her plate, with no end in sight. She couldn’t stand it another day, yet didn’t know what to do to change her situation. “No” was not in her vocabulary.

That day, her business partner had a simple question. “Liesel”, she asked “Who gave you all this work?” In that moment, Liesel realized with a sick feeling on her stomach that no-one else did it. She took on all the work herself without asking for help, nobly thinking that she was doing everyone else a favor by taking on far too much responsibility, and offering to do 3 people’s work.

She realized that no-one else would rescue her from too much on her to-do list and hating Monday mornings. She also realized she didn’t necessarily have the knowledge and skills to take her life in the direction of more joy, meaning and purpose. She embarked on a journey of learning about the “why” and “how” of Self-Care, and even wrote a book about “The Upside of Saying No”.

Are you sometimes in that place of feeling totally overwhelmed, no enthusiasm, no motivation and resisting your growing to-do list? Do you feel ashamed or guilty when you want to say “no” to a request? Is your energy at an all-time low and you’re simply putting one foot in front of the other?

How would it be to wake up energized, enthusiastic, brimming with joy and feeling like your life, and what you do every day, has purpose and meaning?

Liesel asked 12 knowledgeable Self-Care experts to share their practical steps and secrets, so that you , too, can wake up feeling happy to be alive and enthusiastic to dive into your day because you know how to keep your own energy tanks filled.

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We’ll hear about Organizing as Self-Care, Healing Insecurity and Developing Self-Worth, Self-Care for Leader-Managers, Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People, the role of the Inner Child in Self-Care, Self-Care for Caregivers, How to Make Yourself a Priority, Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs – and so much more!

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