Life Skills in the Workplace


  • Would you like your employees to have a “no problem, can do” attitude?
  • Do you want to increase staff loyalty?
  • Would you like staff to stop griping?
  • Are employees less productive than they could be?
  • Do you want staff to take ownership, be responsible and accountable?
  • Could inter staff cooperation improve output?
  • Do home problems affect your staff’ work performance?
  • Are you looking for a way to reward your staff?

The solution is “Something Positive” group workshops facilitated on your premises.

What are “Something Positive” Workshops?Facilitated group discussions around life and work issues with one overriding rule – no-one may speak negatively.

Through these discussions life skills are developed and perceptions changed. A sustainable change in attitude and behaviour is achieved.



Why Workshops? One cannot force another person to change. Change is a slow process which needs collective buy-in. However one can inspire change through leadership and through being the example. The collective power of a group speeds up the process.

What are the Benefits of “Something Positive” Workshops?

  • encourages responsibility and accountability, discourages victim thinking, empowers
  • develops new tools to balance life and work
  • encourages a sense of value to the organisation and pride in contributing
  • develops skills to cope with life and manage stress
  • decreases absenteeim
  • increases personal insight and self awareness
  • improves tolerance and understanding of others
  • increases productivity and personal effectiveness
  • decreases resistance to change
  • moves concepts and principles learnt in previous training interventions from the head to the heart – converts knowledge into action
  • increases awareness of what you have the power to change and acceptance of the rest
  • more effective choices through greater awareness of possibilities
  • stretches and challenges the individual
  • accelerates the team’s progress

All programmes are customised to the needs of the company and the individuals.

The Difference between “Something Positive” Workshops and Training

Workshops are customised to the group’s specific needs.
Sufficient time is spent on concepts to make them real and applicable to each individual’s circumstances.
Interaction is informal and comfortable, encouraging discussion, openness and honesty.
New ideas and skills are moved from the head to the heart.
Change is internalised.
The workshops release the value of previous training interventions.

How are the Workshops Structured?

Sessions are one and a half hours long.
They are held twice a month.
The group size is 5 to 15.
The duration of a course is six to twelve months.

Skills Transfer

Managers are strongly encouraged to participate; initially as attendees and later to become facilitators. If no manager is available facilitators can be developed from within. “Something Positive” workshops can then become part of the company’s culture.

The Next Step

Call us for an appointment to discuss your needs.

Some Comments from Participants

” Wish that you were around to keep us sane, calm and positive…
You are the most inspirational and motivating person I have ever met. ”
– FD, Wellness Counseling Services Co-ordinator

” Points that I took with me … The make up of people differs from one person to the other and in order for relationships to work, despite our differences, we need to concentrate more on the common traits that we share as people and then we’ll be able to work together irrespective. ”
– MS, Regional HR Manager

” On a personal level, that particular time in my life was extremely challenging, since I’d just been diagnosed with a terminal blood disease, which later developed into cancer. Alison not only supported me but also guided me in the most positive way. Through our many discussions, Alison opened up a whole new way of thinking “of” and looking “at” life, for me. She made me realise that there is no such thing as a hopeless situation – it just requires a different way of looking for the solution. She never forced any advice/suggestion on me, but provided me with enough knowledge, to make an informed decision.

I realized how much she has taught me when I started working in a new division and regularly found myself quoting her. Her philosophy on life and dealing with challenges still guides me through difficult times and I will forever be thankful to her for sharing her knowledge with me and coaching me in the most positives of ways. I wake up every morning and think, as Alison would say: “Carpe Diem!” ”
– DC, Project team member