Business Development


  • Is your business not getting the results you expect?
  • Do you suspect there is a better way but don’t have time to look for a solution?
  • Are you evaluating new alliances or partnerships?
  • Has your business grown fast and lost its structure?
  • Do you need guidance to strategise your business’ future path?
  • Are your systems and procedures letting you down?
  • Do you want to start on your own but don’t know how to get it together?

Have you wondered if an expert could help but thought only big corporates can afford such support?

You need real solutions and real results .

How Can We Help you to be More Profitable?

conference-detailsAlison has over twenty years of experience in assisting small and medium size businesses to become more efficient, effective and profitable.

She will identify the true cause of inefficiencies and workshop potential solutions with you to ensure that the chosen one is appropriate to your environment and culture. Working with the affected staff, Alison will implement the changes and integrate them into your business.

Alison can help you to evaluate options with regards to new alliances or strategies.
Or design a new structure for your company.
Or help you to determine your strengths and weaknesses and to put plans in place to optimise the strengths.


One of her special interest areas is guiding people to get a business started; to move from idea to reality. That implementation stage that people often struggle with or she can help you strategise to take your business to the next level.

Alison’s strengths are “big picture” thinking with attention to detail, finding root cause and creating “order out of chaos”.

Do you have a special task to perform and no-one available on your current staff? If there is only a short term or part time need, outsource to CanBeeDone and enjoy freedom from long term commitment.

The Next Step
Call us for a two hour appointment to review your current situation and the way forward.

Some Comments from Clients

“It was fantastic spending those very valuable few hours with you. You have such insight and have already helped us incredibly. Thank you. ”
– CSP, Nutrition expert and business owner

” Thank you. I am starting to feel and think like a business woman….. The more we meet the more I know how badly I was prepared when this idea first took place. You turned it into a REAL business venture as opposed to just an idea. ”
– YB, Business owner in the making

” Your analysis helped me see that the alliance with xyz wasn’t benefiting our company. As of an hour ago I have cancelled the agreement. I feel much better. ”
– SD, Photographer and business owner