Is your day push, push, push? (August 2014)



Gosh the middle of August already. I find the way time moves so strange. How the second half of anything seems to go faster than the first half. Do you also find the months speed up after July?

I am off to Phalaborwa tomorrow to spend the weekend in the Kruger Park. My husband has been working up there on weekdays for a few months now. The last few weeks he has spoken about how hot it is getting. So I was very much looking forward to wearing shorts until I checked the weather forecast. It was hot until today but will be cool for the weekend! Oh well a good sighting of a beautiful leopard will more than make up for that – fingers crossed.

Is your day push, push, push?

Do you spend your day pushing yourself? I was brought up to be driven. To push myself towards a goal all the time. I could jam pack every holiday with pre-planned activities and if I left a gap my mother would jump to the rescue with something from her never ending list of chores! My mother is the ultimate delegator!

Around 2000 my homeopath said to me, “Do you know how much you use the word ‘doing’? Stop trying so hard, just let it be”. I didn’t even know what he was talking about!


Note to SelfAnd then about seven years ago I read ‘The Call’ by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. The main learning I took from her was that it was possible to get work done without focusing on ‘doing’: that ‘being’ can be very productive, that the difference is your focus on the task and your choice and enjoyment in doing it.

Since then I have become for the most part a person who plans ahead and then lets go of the future and focuses on and in the moment. It has been hugely beneficial from the perspective of stress. No matter how much I need to do in a day I rarely get stressed about it.

However some days I also feel unproductive. And I continued to feel there was a contradiction between having and achieving a vision or outcome, and living in the moment. So I sometimes jumped back and forth between full on ‘doing’ and a degree of ‘being’.

I discussed this dilemma with a number of friends without getting clear on the answer.


For months, a colleague, Donna McCallum who you may know as The Fairy Godmother, has been sending out video clips talking about a Flow Experiment that she and her business partner were conducting. I mostly ignored them until a few weeks ago when one of her emails resonated with me. I felt compelled to register for her free webinar about Flow.

There was a lot of very useful information and interaction in the webinar but what really got through to me was her suggestion (and personal experience) that if we are clear on where we want to go, then Flow-like living (or working) will take us there.

Finally I can see that ‘being’ and ‘driven to achieve’ can work together.


Flow Experiment LogoSo I have signed up to join Donna and an ever growing group of people, to experiment with Flow for a year. To see how each of us can tweak the concept to work for our personal work and life circumstances. To learn from Donna and Timea’s experience so far, and to learn from each other.

There is a fee for participating. (Anyone who signs up before 1 September gets a big discount.) Donna has some great programmes – in person and on-line – that she has been running for years. As a huge added bonus one gets to participate in those free of charge during the year.

Because I really think this experiment has the potential to be life changing I have accepted Donna’s invitation to be an affiliate and I am inviting you to consider joining me in this experiment. If you look below in ‘The Little Black Book’ section you will find information on another webinar like the one I ‘attended’.


Whether you want to join in the experiment or not, take a look at the videos on this page. Perhaps they will give you some ideas for making work flow easier for you.


Perhaps from all the many things you have to do today you can start with the one you most want to do and just focus on enjoying it whilst you do it. And only when that is complete think about what next you’d most choose to do.

And when you go home tonight as you eat, as you talk to your family or play with your children, stay in the moment with what you are doing, with yourself and with them.



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Quote of the Day

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Little Black Book

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  • 3 Steps to quickly shift your reality whenever you’re in stress, anxiety, guilt, pushing, forcing or fear.
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