End of Year Offer – make 2014 the best!

Has 2013 been a great year for you? Are you on track to repeat it in 2014?
Was 2013 not so great but you have all your plans in place to make 2014 great?


If the answers are ”yes” then well done! I hope you have a great holiday season and I look forward to hearing of your successes in 2014.


If however you aren’t on track for a great 2014 you may want to make use of this offer.


In previous years I have had a number of clients asking for appointments in late December and early January, when many businesses are closed. Often I have also been closing early and unable to oblige. But this year I am able to stay open for a chunk of this time so I thought I’d create a bit of a special around it.

If you want next year to be a great one you need to focus on it now, during the holiday period, next year is too late. Once January gets going we all tend to get caught up in life and by the time you wipe your eyes out its Easter and the holidays again.
Right now is the time to put the wheels back on the track and to create the year you want to have.


End of Year Specials – 3 options

A Single session = R400.00 (normal price R460)
A Triple (three sessions) = R1100.00 (normal price R1260)
A Happiness@WorkTM assessment and a Triple (3 sessions) = R1900.00 (normal price R2200)

Focus can be personal, career or business – your choice. Sessions can be in person (in Northcliff) or via skype. Prices valid for appointments before 21 December 2013.
Appointments may also be booked, at these special prices, for January 2014 for the 6th – 14th, providing payment is made in December. (This is a double special as my standard prices have not increased for the last few years so they will go up in 2014.)

Contact us now with any questions or to setup your appointment(s).