Case Histories

Doubling Annual Turnover in Eight Months

A client (let’s call him Tom), in engineering field services at a large organisation, shared with me how his bottom line turnover had grown.

Tom took over an existing department which needed a shake up. He has great ability in sorting out systems and processes. At the end of his first six months the turnover had increased by 56%. That was with three fewer staff as some people didn’t like his new expectations.

Two thirds of the way through that time Tom had turned to me for help with his people strategy and management. During the next six months he increased turnover a further 50%. This was despite moving two experienced staff members out to other locations to better accommodate their personal needs.

At the time that Tom shared his success with me they were only eight months into his second financial year and had already more than doubled the previous annual turnover figures.

Leader Management Framework

What made these dramatic growth figures possible?

Tom was implementing all four quadrants of our Leader Management Framework.

Some he was great at doing using his own existing knowledge and strengths.

Some was not so easy for him and this is where I assisted with relevant information, with some tools he hadn’t previously acquired, with questions that unlocked his abilities and most importantly the processes to enable him to integrate this into his everyday leadership and management.

From Negative to Positive in Two Hours

 Thumbs up

Recently I was at an NGO to spend two hours with the management team. They have just been through a severe restructuring and downscale. The request had been to help the remaining management to pull together to take the organisation forward.

Ten minutes in and one of the people very honestly admitted “I don’t think we are a team. I was taken by surprise with the extent of the changes and I don’t see how it can work”. She was extremely negative. It was clear that this ‘team’ wasn’t ready for the session that I had planned. What they needed was to step back into the change process. The communication of the new vision and its implementation, and the expressing of doubts, either hadn’t taken place before or it needed revisiting.

I facilitated them to work through an accelerated process. We had two significant breakthroughs:

  • About halfway through, the ‘negative’ individual spotted where her data systems could programmatically take over a large amount of admin from another member, and she offered to make that happen; saving that manager a couple of days of effort every month.
  • Further on when it came to sharing her doubts, the initially ‘negative’ individual searched through her list and with surprise said “There aren’t any more. We’ve sorted them.” pause “And I need to say I now realise I did know about all the  pending changes but I was put out because I felt I was asked to comment on a fait accompli that I hadn’t designed. I know it comes from my need to be in charge. I am sorry and I’m good now”.   Wow, what an insight, what an acknowledgement!

The feedback from the General Manager afterwards was “Thank you. That was very productive. That change in X would not have happened if you weren’t around.”

In just two hours we had gone from a fragmented group of people with unspoken concerns and resentments to one that was spontaneously beginning to collaborate to achieve more with less, and was excited about the challenges and possibilities ahead.


Productivity up 60% and Sick Leave Down 75%

Leader management success

This middle manager (let’s call her Paula) in the financial services industry, attended a workshop I facilitated at The Lean Summit. Afterwards she contacted me to arrange coaching.

Paula had already completed a year long management programme through her employer and come out with top marks. Her words to me were something like this, “The company has invested a lot of time and money in me. I have lots of tools but I still don’t feel I know how to manage teams, especially the more senior people. I want to admit my real weaknesses and work on my EQ. I have just taken over a new team and I want to implement all that I have learnt.”

Eight sessions and seven months later, this leadership nomination by two members of her team shows how well she is doing. Leadership Recognition You can see from the words in the nomination that she has earned respect, they feel valued, she communicates well and that her approach has improved the team cohesion and work ethic.

After hearing about the nomination I asked what the productivity stats were like as these had been a problem for the first few months. Her response was “all team members are now stepping up and delivering above target.”

The actual figures show that the average personal completion rate, year to date (ytd), has increased by 59% compared to the period before Paula took over. Being ytd it includes the bad months so the months since then have been truly amazing. And since the team and Paula settled into their new way of working sick leave has decreased by 76%.

In seven months this team has shown significant bottom line improvements based on a strong foundation of people centred management.


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