Workshops and Programmes

The programme is excellent:

  • well organized
  • clear objectives
  • enough time to practice at work and in class

I have learned a lot in a very short space of time.

Derrick Dlamini, Manager, Siemens

I enjoyed yesterday very much, as did the rest of the team. Your input was well received and we got positive feedback from all. I hope we can work together again soon.

Heather Stephens, Director, TAU (National Treasury)

Thank you very much for the workshop, it was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. I found it very informative and the aspects discussed are very easily implementable, these I need right now.

Cindy Duncan, business owner

I really love the way you make it so practical – so they walk away with a REAL ‘felt’ benefit afterwards.

Liesel Teversham, co-facilitator


Comments from delegates:

…I gained more insight.

…I liked the interaction.

…every manager should go on this training. It really hits the spot.

…interesting, informative and insightful.

…practical, to the point.

…I learnt new things that I can apply in my business.

…I really enjoyed your holistic approach. This was so much more valuable than a time management course.

…extremely informative and helpful.

…sound, practical, good value and enjoyable.

What delegates find most valuable:

All of it, it allowed me to reflect on my personal styles, shortcomings, what I was doing and how I could do better. Understanding the personality and age impact was good.

Productivity and planning has already made a major impact on my daily schedule.

DH, Service Manager, technical healthcare company

Fierce Conversations. It was valuable to me because I naturally shy away from conflict situations and this helped me a lot.

CS, Learning & Development Specialist, corporate

The group sessions were most valuable because everyone had a chance to dialogue.

Manager, engineering company

The most valuable parts of the programme for me were those of personalities and communication. I enjoyed participating in the workshop. It was creative, fun and precise.

YN, Assistant Director, DST


And then delegates take action:

I am so excited. I am working with the action plan I set at the workshop and I have already almost cleared all of my backlog.

ZM, Attorney

I chose to lead by example. As a result everyone in our department now comes to work and leaves on time and finishes their work before leaving.

Clarifying some roles and responsibilities is making people happier and more productive.

RK, Contracts Manager, corporate

I have adopted a more coaching role during operational activities to assist staff to become more active in problem solving and taking responsibility for queries relevant to them, instead of taking it on myself, so I am not inundated.

I am now more communicative with the staff. I didn’t want to seem too bossy so I was reluctant to be too vocal about what was expected but now I have more knowledge on how to address staff and communicate confidently.

Manager, engineering company

This is the course I attended – I can highly recommend it and it was worth every cent!! I’ve spent the whole day so far putting what I learnt into practice and it’s already making a difference.

Veronique Palmer, Share Point Specialist, Lets Collaborate

I must say that the workshop information has worked REALLY WELL for me so far. I’ve used the ‘giving an alternative’ a couple of times and really have been finding it so much easier to do the boundary-thing. You’ve really added so much value in my life and I’m eternally grateful, Alison.

Liesel Teversham, author, practitioner & trainer, Clear Space