Professional Speaking and Facilitation

Professional Speaking

Alison is an engaging speaker and is sensitive to the needs of her audience. She is able to offer value and succeeds in gaining buy-in for her message from delegates. I will certainly use Alison as a speaker on subsequent programmes.

Dr. Morne Mostert, Director of Leadership, Leadership Options

Great presentation. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Thank you for aligning the information to our industry – recruitment. I loved your style – engaging and exciting whilst remaining professional.

Carol Senokoane, Acting Manager Recruitment, Anglo Platinum

I would rate the speaker as 4 out of 5. I thought she was really informative and the information that she provided was relevant to each and everyone one of us with our own business.

I learnt a lot and found that she provided important tools that we could take and implement in our own business to improve our productivity & effectiveness.

Yes, the main thing that is staying with me is the focus day, buffer day and duvet day thing. I found it very useful.

Delegate from InspiringWomen event

A very BIG thank you for making yourself available on a precious Saturday morning to help us out of a “pickle” with, what was an extremely informative & enlightening talk about “Eyecare & Cycling”. The manner in which it was presented was interesting & to the point. We all learnt a good deal about our eyes, their care and vision in general.

In fact, I think that the morning actually turned out better than what was originally planned for! And at such short notice! Thanks to you being available & so knowledgeable on the topic! Lucky for us that you’ve had a couple of different careers on the brew!

Michelle Wicks, Cradle Crawlers Cycling Club

She is very, very, very good. She knows what she is doing.

Hileri David, MVA Fund Namibia   attended Reinventing Call Centre ManagementDeveloping Front line Managers

I enjoyed Deon’s presentation and Alison’s training the most. They were very enthusiastic and the material is something I can really use when I get back.

Jane Chilembo, Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation attended Reinventing Call Centre ManagementDeveloping Front line Managers

It was an absolute pleasure to have Alison Gitelson come talk to the graduates on our youth employability programme. It was wonderful to see how Alison managed to connect with their age group and allowed them to understand the importance of personal branding.

She helped the graduates to start thinking about the fact that their success is going to come from their self-packaging. Alison discussed the issues of remembering that everything you do and say has an impact on how you influence the perceptions of people around you.

The graduates truly enjoyed her interactive chat and the fact that her analogies and discussions were pitched with up to date information and at a level in which they could relate to.

We at the New Futures programme appreciate her contribution to youth development in South Africa.

Sophia Kousiakis, Learning Facilitator, New Futures Programme

I’m so looking forward to your talk.  Have really got something from your other ones.  I love your refreshing honesty & down to earth attitude.

Sue Formanowicz, Calendar Girls committee member

Thank you for an awesome presentation last week. Your activity really got me thinking.

Melanie Brummer, author & business owner  attended Spirit of Women in Entrepreneurship conference


Conversations that Matter

Our unit consists of a diverse group of people who were struggling, to different extents, to deal with their diversity.

We realised that changing behaviours is challenging, so CanBeeDone facilitated a series of Conversations that Matter covering aspects of diversity, prejudice and tolerance.

These were well received by the staff. They really enjoyed the café style small groups and the opportunity to interact with their colleagues – to hear what others thought and felt. It was a valuable method to get people to discuss difficult topics much more openly in a non-threatening and fun environment, and to increase their insight.

Sophia Janse van Rensburg, Director, National Treasury

Feedback from various Conversations that Matter events

I really enjoyed the World Cafe experience and for me the toughest part was to get colleagues to trust the process and not have a set of defined outcomes attached to the exercise. I think the champions took to the process extremely well. The sessions really did go well. I have had loads of positive feedback on all aspects.

Geanné Gelderblom, Innovation Programme Manager, FNB

The whole session motivated my champions to want to do more…

The question “What legacy do I want to leave” was a great one. One champion said – “to even have 100% registrations would be a great legacy to leave”.

Thoko (Thokozile Mzimela), FNB

YOU are an inspiration Julie! Well facilitated Alison – thank you!

Mike Boon

A good time! Thank you! Alison – an excellent facilitation!! I loved the colour and sharing  – a great learning experience & rich idea!

Yorke Rodda

Feedback from an evening with an inspirational speaker where a Conversation that Matters was used to deepen our experience and the impact of the talk.

My view is that it creates a relaxed and social environment to progress discussion. It gets rid of formalities, but still retains structure. Properly managed, a result must surface.

Andy Watkins, Operations FNB Africa


Other facilitated events

Thank you so very, very much for hosting the Women in Business meeting for Carolyn Garfein and her AAUW group – they told me that it was the highlight of their trip, the best organised interaction and so valuable. I was told that you exerted magnificent control over the meeting with “impeccable poise”. You were all “excellent”! –But I knew that!!

Kari Cousins, programme development, Spirit of Africa

After a two day team development intervention for a section within the Department of Science and Technology: The most valuable for me was getting feedback from the team – the environment was conducive to this. ~AP

The most valuable for me was hearing how people view you because it made me aware of aspects I was unaware of.~LP

Most valuable for me was the development of the team vision.~SP

The most valuable part for me was our exploring how we rate against high performing team criteria and developing team values.~YN

Sounds wonderful and, as I know Alison, expect a very stimulating evening.

Gwen Watkins, certified meeting professional and writer


More testimonials can be found at Alison’s LinkedIn profile.